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An Introduction to Authentic STEM

Photo of NCWP, University of Siegen, and partners visiting NRW Parliament in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Authentic STEM stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of STEM education and industry partnership. At its core, it bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application, preparing the next generation to tackle genuine industry challenges. Students become members of ‘solver teams’, diving headfirst into problems set by our esteemed business partners. But the experience doesn’t stop at the borders of industry; we amplify its value by integrating international collaboration, enabling our participants to connect with peers across continents. This comprehensive approach to STEM learning molds students into informed, skilled, and globally-aware professionals, while offering businesses fresh insights and a chance to shape their future workforce. Whether you’re an educational institution, a forward-thinking business, or a community organization looking to amplify your impact, Authentic STEM is the platform to bridge ambitions with tangible outcomes.

Authentic STEM: sparking a dynamic 
global movement through commitment, collaboration, and communication.

Authentic STEM is more than just a program; it’s a pathway for students to bridge classroom knowledge with real-world industry experiences. Through this innovative model, your students can become part of ‘solver teams’, tackling genuine challenges set by our business partners. In collaboration with international peers, students not only get exposure to STEM career possibilities but also gain invaluable skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and global awareness. Dive into this section to understand how Authentic STEM can seamlessly integrate with your school’s objectives, creating a richer, more holistic educational experience for your learners.

CV-TEC students displaying their certificates of completion for their part of the Winter 2023 Authentic STEM cohort.

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, securing skilled talent for the future is crucial. Authentic STEM provides a unique opportunity for businesses like yours to directly influence and shape the upcoming workforce. By presenting industry-specific challenges to our ‘solver teams’, you’ll be granting young minds a glimpse into your world, allowing them to understand and appreciate the complexities of modern industry operations. Moreover, this program offers the chance to tap into fresh perspectives, ideas, and innovations. Explore this section to discover the multitude of ways your business can benefit from and contribute to the Authentic STEM experience.

Community-Based Organizations:

As facilitators and conveners, community-based organizations bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring that the Authentic STEM program thrives in their local communities. Your expansive network and influence can bring schools and businesses to the table, nurturing a seamless integration of the program’s objectives with the community’s aspirations. Authentic STEM is an avenue to enrich your community’s knowledge base, offering hands-on exposure to STEM careers and fostering global collaboration. Delve deeper to understand how Authentic STEM aligns with your mission, leveraging community resources and connections for holistic regional development.

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Putting theoretical learning into concrete practice creates a new world of possibilities.

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