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What is Authentic STEM?

Authentic STEM is a groundbreaking initiative where students tackle genuine challenges presented by leading businesses, teaming up with peers from around the globe. By seamlessly connecting the classroom with real-world workplaces, we empower the next generation to harness their potential in an interconnected STEM landscape.

What do we do at Authentic STEM?

In Authentic STEM, students form ‘Solver Teams’ to dive deep into industry-specific challenges provided by our business partners. Through hands-on projects and guidance from experienced mentors, participants experience the rhythm of real-world STEM professions. Collaborating with international counterparts, students gain a unique perspective on global STEM practices. All the while, we ensure a strong tie between academic learning and practical applications, preparing students for a future without borders.

why authentic stem matters

This innovation is the future of workforce development and education! Authentic STEM allows students to practice what they learn in the classroom in partnership with their peers in Germany and with local businesses by solving a real industry problem.

Sylvie Nelson, Executive Director of North Country Workforce Partnership

As educators, if we are serious about playing our role in solving the workforce shortage and increasing its quality, we have to engage all of our students.

Michele Friedman, Director of Career & Technical Training at CV-TEC

At BETA Technologies we are focused on using science and technology to create a better, more sustainable future for aviation. It’s going to take a lot of smart, capable people to make this a reality and that starts by inspiring students today. We are firm believers in the power of hands-on experience, and we’re honored to partner with Authentic STEM to help develop the next generation workforce.

Blain Newton, Chief Operating Officer, BETA Technologies

Engaging students with open-ended, relevant problems is an empowering way to help them see connections between things they learn in the classroom and the real world. The benefits–like learning teamwork, communication skills, and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone cannot be understated. I am so excited to see what the teams come up with!

Kathleen Kavanagh, Director of the Clarkson Institute for STEM Education and the Vice President of Education for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Clarkson University.

“Authentic STEM not only equips students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global workforce, but it also serves as a critical resource for regional businesses seeking to recruit and retain top talent in STEM fields.”

Jordon LeBlanc, Programming Director at North Country Workforce Partnership

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