Authentic STEM Tool Kit

Authentic STEM Toolkit

Authentic STEM is an innovative pre-apprenticeship program designed to inspire and prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through hands-on, authentic experiences. Developed in collaboration with a diverse group of partners including local Workforce Development Boards, businesses, educational institutions, and international organizations, the program aims to foster meaningful connections between students, teachers, schools, and industries.

The Toolkit below contains tools and recommendations will help local areas like yours to replicate the program, eliminate risk, and achieve success. This Toolkit is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Workforce Development Institute (WDI).

Below you will find web-accessible and PDF versions of each segment of our pre-program tools. Note: Many of the tools are password protected. If you are interested in accessing these files, please contact us and we’ll get you connected! Documents/pages indicated with an “*” do not require a password, and have important introductory information.

More tools are currently being developed.

A Case for STEM-Based Career Exploration*
Profile of Local Areas
Partnership Evaluation
Becoming an Authentic STEM Partner
Program Mentor Matching
Tips for International Collaboration
Why Authentic STEM?*
Stories from students, instructors, and school leaders
Template for Local Area Partnership Proposal
Template for School Partnership Proposal
Template for Business Partnership Proposal
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We believe Authentic STEM will raise the collective tide of your region!

Join this groundbreaking program that has the potential to bring widespread changes to our schools, businesses, and communities!

Below is the contact information for our American Authentic STEM National Co-Directors:

Sylvie (518) 561-0430, ext. 3075
Jordon (518) 561-0430, ext. 3083